The concept for LitAVersity Radio dates back to the late 2010s in Houston, Texas, which is known for its proud historians. This radio station, LitAVersity Radio Online Radio, has a significant youth audience and has sparked an intriguing question: may we have a station here someday? We dreamed of a rogue radio station playing largely underground music that no other station was playing on the regular radio stations at the time, because there was no interest in community radio pursuing young musicians. Although it was only a dream, it was real and had legs.
When chairman Ivorey found his partners Uriah and Dion in 2018, the first opportunity to make LitAVersity Radio Online Radio a reality arose. A group of locals who generated money by throwing parties for Texas Southern University students, promoting organizations, organizing activities, and giving another source of revenue. 
Unfortunately, just 500 students at the institution were interested in attending any events, which did not align with our target market. Because only 15 or 20 kids are interested in becoming artists and utilizing our platforms to do so. We got together to expand the concept of entertainers using our platform to raise their profile in Houston. 
Meanwhile, nature has bolstered the concept of a LitAVersity Radio Online Radio Station. According to Lev Facher, President Trump declared the Covid-19 pandemic a national emergency on January 31, 2020, the first time such a proclamation has been made over an infectious illness outbreak since the 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic. Young adults have faced a variety of pandemic-related challenges, including as college closures and income cuts, which may contribute to poor psychological health. During the pandemic, a higher-than-normal proportion of young adults (ages 18-24) report feeling uneasy and dealing with difficult challenges (56 percent ). For nearly 15 months, all entry and exit points into and out of Houston were restricted. This gave us the opportunity to prepare and learn about what I needed to accomplish in order to aid others in the future. 
Our goal is to build a community-supported, volunteer-run, low-cost operation that will provide local programming as well as a communication channel for the community to meet its requirements for local news, information, discourse, and, of course, emergency communications. We're only a few months away from coming live as of this writing, in April 2021. Readers interested in learning more about all of the steps we've taken to get here, the roadblocks we've overcome, the incredible learning curve we've been on, and the tremendous amount of work and accomplishment put in by the scores of LROR LitAVersity Collaborative Members (LC Members), can read the detailed notes of our general meetings online at

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